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The Progressed Moon moves through a sign in approximately 2 ½ years and its cycled return, therefore, matches up with our Saturn return (both having a 28 to 29 year cycle).

As you can imagine, this return period can be quite eventful. If you happen to be experiencing this return period now and the Moon is also in conjunction with your Neptune, this period can be enlightening and at the same time somewhat confusing. It will also be a very significant time due to an often challenging lesson period linked to the Saturn return cycle.

In this post, we will focus primarily on the Progressed Moon in conjunction to Natal Neptune. The Progressed Moon aspecting a planet or angle is often an eventful time in our lives. Changes are often in store and family matters and deep rooted family concerns could be part of the process. Much depends on the house that your Neptune is in within the birth chart. Home and family are tied into the equation, if for example, Neptune is in the fourth house. Occupation and life status might be part of the picture if, for example, your Neptune is in the tenth house or to a lesser degree especially associated with relationships matter with the seventh house.

The progressed Moon has an impact on our lives for approximately three months; one month approaching, one month direct and one month separating. It is often used as a timing device, along with the transiting Sun, Mars and Transiting Uranus. The strongest month will be as the Moon becomes direct, (so the middle month).

Neptune in our natal chart can be an area of confusion or an area of enlightenment; much depends on the energies in place defined by aspects and how we assimilate these energies into our lives. Neptune can be quite mystical in its expression and insightful sometimes through visual effects or through meditation techniques.

Neptune can also be quite illusive and vague in its expression tends to make things rather unclear or life can be viewed through rose-coloured glasses. It is wise to ask for clarification during these periods when Neptune is being transited by another planet or when Neptune is transiting another planet or angle in our chart.

If, for example, Neptune was located in the fifth house then this period could be tied into romantic liaisons and affairs. It could also deal with your children or creative endeavors. Changes may take place in a spiritual sense and, if for example, you are in a love affair, make sure that you are not putting that person on a pedestal or viewing them inappropriately. Your view may be somewhat blurred and what you think is there may not be the case.

If, for example, the tenth house is involved, it may relate to your occupation or goals in life and you may not be too sure on where you are heading. Intuition is usually strong at this time, but the mind tends to get in the way, so you will have to carefully weigh out all your options.

One thing is for sure, this will likely be an interesting time in your life and doors may open, light may come into your life and your perception may be clear and insightful or quite the contrary. It will be important to have a look at the rest of the chart and see what it speaks of. We always have to review the chart as well as the natal potential to get the full picture.

Let your intuition guide you through this entertaining and potentially spiritual time in your life. Always take advantage of what life offers and be open to new energies and new experiences.

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