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Transiting Pluto aspecting our natal Sun often suggests power struggles and transformational energies at hand. Over time, because Pluto can have an effect in our lives for up to 3 years, Pluto’s energies can create ego interference and issues with those that want control over our destiny.

Our Sun, in part, speaks of our goals and objectives as well as our path in life. When Pluto makes an aspect to the Sun, these areas of focus will be under scrutiny and sometimes there can be obstructions.

The quincunx, also known as the inconjunct, is an aspect of 150 degree separation and it has a tight orb of influence of about 2-3 degrees. As a result, its influence will be from 147 degrees to 152 degrees. Some individuals do feel the energies as they approach up to 5 degrees before direct and the energies fade when they are separating by 2 degrees.

A quincunx has to do with a lack of balance and often times the energies of the planets are out of touch with one another. This can be due to the fact that they are out of modality with one another and also out of element. The energies do not connect with one another and an adjustment is necessary.

The quincunx has been linked to health issues due to the sixth and eighth house alignments. It has been said that someone with many quincunx’s in the birth chart may have challenges linked to health, although further review is necessary to collaborate this. The twelfth house deals with chronic conditions and the sixth house deals with health and sometimes with vitality. The Sun and Ascendant also play a role in our health and vitality; so many things need to be taken into consideration before drawing a conclusion of health issues being present.

When Pluto quincunx’s our natal Sun we may need to realign our life’s path as transformations to our goals may be imperative and we will have to adapt. If we choose to ignore the energies, they can come at us in a more aggressive manner. Quite often the outer planets force us into action or push us in directions that, although often challenging, offer up a new direction that is actually more suitable for us than our original or current path.

There may be power struggles with those in authority or if the father or more dominant parent is still living, the problems may stem from/with him.

Transformations are at hand, and we will be swept away by the powerful energies building in our lives. Although things may be challenging and sometimes overwhelming and difficult to handle, our attitude plays a significant role in determining how challenging things might become. Pluto often puts an end to things and starts us in a new direction, fresh from what used to be. We will be pointed in the direction of an unfamiliar path but that is where we need to be.

We will need to check out which houses are involved in the equation in our Astrology chart. Look at the position of transiting Pluto, the natal Sun and natal Pluto as this will provide some insight into how this aspect might pan out in our personal life’s experience.

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