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Posted by holmastrology@gmail.com on December 31, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Yet another year has comes to a close. We can reflect on the many lessons that 2019 has taught us and then close the chapter. The events of 2019 are now behind us and there is no need to bring forward into 2020 anything but the knowledge from the lessons learned. Close the chapter and turn to the blank pages of 2020.


May you fill these pages with the light of your inner peace, radiant love and choice of happiness.


Peace is something that you can only experience through conscious decision. May you be filled with enough faith in the process that you have no choice but to know the peace you deserve.


May you love yourself fully and completely. As you bask in your self-love, allow it to spills over and touches each and every person that shares this journey with you.


As mentioned happiness is a choice. It is experienced in the journey not obtained in reaching the destination. Enjoy each step whether it challenges you or presents you with rest.


May you experience life lessons without resistance for it is in experiencing these lessons that we are pushed to learn and grow. The experience of stress only comes when we fight the lessons presented to us. May you welcome your lessons with open arms and grow without resistance. This…..no resistance….is what will help to keep your path smooth.


With much love and appreciation to each and every one of you…….


HAPPY NEW YEAR from both of us at Holm Astrology!


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