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As we delve deeper into our mystical pursuit, we discover new truths as they unravel. These gradually intensify and deepen with time and commitment. During meditation, we unlock these channels, and perception increases as does are our alignment with source. It is an ongoing venture. We gather momentum for change and growth as our knowledge expands, knowledge that at one time was not forefront in this life.


In the past, we may have been caught up in the whirlwind of material living. We moved from pure innocent spirit at birth into a blur of spirit as we became more planted in the material world around us. This illusion was also a tool for learning but learning to adjust to this material world.


As we mature, most of us have an inclination that there is more to this existence than our material focus. Some individuals know that there were other dimensions and alternate realities that are at least as significant as the current one we living in, but also understand the relevance of living in this current reality. If it were not important, we would not be here.


Many have belief structures that are simply focused on everyday living and the struggle to survive in the material world. Some became obsessed with the gathering of material things and financial hoarding. Once consumed by this reality, it is difficult to see beyond this preoccupation as it can become an addiction. The focus on collecting causes a longing for more and more. We are under the illusion that by gathering things we could facilitate a sense of fulfillment and happiness. We naturally long for fulfillment and happiness (and they are a birth right) but we mistakenly think these come from “things” outside of us.


After spending years wrapped up in material gathering, the lack of fulfillment aids us to embark on a new journey. This is a journey of self-discovery and awareness as we understand that there is something beyond the tedious repetition of day to day living. The gathering of material abundance only provided a very temporary feeling of happiness, if it created this feeling at all.


When we finally realize that we are not creating happiness this way, we begin to search for a deeper meaning to life. Some of us explore traditional religion, spirituality, mysticism......our intuition becomes stronger and it pushes us forward into new and exciting realms.


Yesterday’s truths cannot fulfill our internal needs and the material world began to lose its stronghold. As we slowly realize this new way of living and open to its potential, we are enticed to continue. We somehow appreciate that this line of expression and understanding prevails over anything from our past. It is new yet comfortable. It is as though we know this understanding instinctually. It fits our lives perfectly and we began to sense a new order of things that far outdoes anything of significance that we have previously experienced. A forgotten truth is emerging and our footprints are imbedded within its framework.


As time passes, we no longer recognize past obsessions as part of our reality. There is no reason to look back but if we did we would find just how far removed that once encompassing reality is from our present focus.


Letting go and moving into the unknown can be unsettling. We can resist initially but the need for peace and fulfillment pushes us to abandon our fears. We are now forever transformed. What a blessing!


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