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So much has been written about the challenging conditions linked to Mars and Pluto in square to one another that we thought we would shed some more light on this aspect which intensifies mid-August 2020. There is no denying the potential for some fireworks during this time, and Saturn is also in aspect by square to Mars as well. However, we can always look at life from whatever vantage point we choose to focus our attention on and even something that at first appears to be negative, over time will unravel in such a way that it was what was required at that time in order for something new to begin.


We thought we would touch on what we could do during this influence if we have promising or positive aspects linked to this positioning at 23 degrees in our birth chart. Trines and sextiles to this position especially from Jupiter or our Sun can promote learning opportunities that might not otherwise have been present.


All three planets in transit now (Mars, Saturn, and Pluto) are all about power, brute force and lessons, but if power is used in an suitable manner,(not to be used as power over another individual to gain momentum or control of situations) this aspect can promote opportunities to fight injustice for example, among other things.


This however should not be a signal to gain momentum towards any type of violence or aggressive interaction. Powerful speakers can share the stage and promote solutions that outweigh any type of aggression without force. However, we will need someone who has a voice that filters through even the harshest of criticisms and is not afraid to stand up to less than positive aggressive forces.


This would certainly have to be a special person (perhaps someone such as Oprah or Deepak or a strong spiritual figurehead) to move these powerful energies surfacing in our world even as we speak. Mars promotes action although often more in line with force and Pluto deals with Power while Saturn speaks of leadership and steadiness through hard work. None of these, however normally work favourably without a diligent effort.


There is also a big difference between these planets in transit to one another. Mars in transit is short lived under most conditions unless it goes into retrograde. Pluto or Saturn in transit making aspects to our natal Mars on the other hand are in force for extended periods of time. The longer the influence the greater the potential for long lasting effects. The longer transits may be the more challenging when they relate to our natal chart, but we also have time to refocus and find solutions that might not be as easy to realize in a short period of time. The energies are at their peak from August 9 through to August 22, 2020. The transiting Sun will be trine transiting Mars around August 16 and in quincunx to Pluto, so some kind of adjustment needs to surface for a more gentle expression of these energies to manifest.


It will be interesting to see how this plays out in our world at large and of course in our own personal natal chart.


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