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Posted by holmastrology@gmail.com on April 20, 2018 at 9:00 AM

The Sun moved into the sign of Taurus last night (April 19, 2018) at approximately 11:15 p.m. EDT. Check an ephemeris for your local time zone.

The typical characteristic off a Taurean individual is one of reluctance to move forward if unprepared, which differs significantly from that of the previous Astrological sign, Aries. Taurus is known for their plodding and steady approach. They are relentless in their pursuits, and they are the astrological sign that offers stability. They want to move ahead but only after deliberation and contemplation, as there is no rush and rushing only causes mistakes.

As mentioned, Taurus individuals are steadfast. Their feet are firmly placed on the ground and they offer security and stability. They are reliable, structured and look forward to what can be put in place now to secure the future. Many think long term when it comes to the financial future. They like security and will often begin planning for their retirement long before most other Zodiac signs. They seek long term results and are willing to take the long route to get there.

Taurus (which is ruled by the planet Venus) is often attracted to things of beauty. Taureans love a fine car, and their homes often reflect their personal tastes for beauty. It is not unusual for a Taurean to be refined in their taste.

Taurus’ individuals are generally earthy, practical, unwavering and secure in their approach to everyday living. They can be relied upon and their word is often all you need. They are resourceful, appreciate hard work and are very disciplined in their approach to life. Honesty is very important and they respect those who approach life with this quality.

Taureans often take things at face value and appreciate those that say it as it is.

These individuals are slow to anger, but once they are angry, they can hold on to grudges for far too long. Some never forget injustices, and although they may not show it, hurt can run deep. They are reflective and introspective. Those with strong Taurus traits will keep much to themselves, although they will share with those that they feel will take them seriously and who will not share what has been expressed in confidence. They are somewhat private although not as private as Scorpio or even Capricorn.

When it comes to romance, Taurus individuals are passionate, although not lusty. They are usually faithful and will stay true through thick and thin with those they hold dear. If they find that their partner is disloyal, they may or may not (after long deliberation) resort to leaving a longer term relationship but even though they do not leave, it does not mean that they have forgotten. They are loyal and expect the same in return.

Taureans will offer their partner security on many levels, can be relied upon to speak the truth, and will remain steadfast to their commitment.

They are comfortable with their chosen few and in some ways could be considered loners, although they can be social when they want to be. They have the ability to express themselves in a strict manner and yet offer affection and love to those they cherish.

Taurus’ motto may be “Good things are worth waiting for”.

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