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Posted by holmastrology@gmail.com on June 21, 2019 at 8:35 AM

The Sun moves into the sensitive, emotional and nurturing sign of Cancer today, June 21, 2019, at approximately noon EDT.

All of the water signs can be defined as sensitive and emotional although Cancer tries to cover its sensitivity with an exterior hard shell of protection. Cancer people have a nurturing side which they use to protect those they love and provide them with the necessities of life from a deep and personal perspective. They nurture their family and friends with love and affection and often are the shoulder to lean on in times of need.

They truly and instinctually understand the behaviours of others and will do their best to offer themselves to those experiencing the sense of helplessness and insecurity. They understand these qualities because of their own sensitivity to anything that is harsh and intrusive.

Cancer people are caring to the extreme and give themselves freely. Their strength lies in their emotions. Many Cancerians would not admit to this, instead they might suggest that emotional intensity can be like carrying extra baggage or showing a sign of weakness. Cancer individuals are, however, mothering and have a great concern for the welfare of their family.

Cancerian individuals need a place of refuse where they can go and recharge their emotional batteries. They need a place of solitude although they also enjoy the company of family and friends. Many enjoy the art of cooking and some are the perfect chef. They are quite capable of making gourmet meals that can satisfy the palate of even the most fastidious connoisseur of food.

Most are loving and caring and also have a very gentle quality within their nature. There certain are those, however, that are uncomfortable with this gentleness and will try to be harder than they actually are to hide their perceived “weakness”. Their strength actually lies in these qualities.

If you do not relate to these qualities, you will have to look deeper into the Sun sign and its positioning in the birth chart as well as other mitigating factors within the chart. Sometimes there are other qualities and energies within the chart that completely dilute the sun sign qualities such as an emphasis in some other sign or house. The whole chart always needs to be deciphered to get a clear understanding of the individual in question as a whole.

One perfect example of how a Sun sign can be diluted would be someone with their Sun in Capricorn in the fifth house and five other planets in the fifth house and a rising sign of Leo. The fifth house is naturally ruled by Leo and with having a Leo rising sign and the fifth house influence, the Capricorn tendencies would be softened although the need for personal advancement would still be strong. This person would be much more assertive and outgoing because of the Leo traits than someone without the Leo emphasis in their chart. Capricorn can be introverted but Leo is an extroverted sign. Leo would be much more visible in this individual to the outside world.

Back to the sign of Cancer..........Welcome to this sun influence and happy solar return to all of those individuals born under this sign.

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