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Quotes Peter is such a gifted, passionate and extremely accurate astrologer as well as a kind, humble and intuitive individual. Words cannot express this benevolent man's soul. I had a CTI reading done through Holm Astrology and was flabbergasted at the accuracy and amount of information, past, present and future delivered in that one reading. I left there feeling inspired, confident, self-aware and most importantly, self-accepting. Holm Astrology is well priced and well worth the investment. So much so, that I'm booking a reading party with several friends soon. If you're reading this testimonial it's because you're interested. Well, I encourage you to no longer hesitate! Book your reading with Holm Astrology and Peter will definitely WOW you. Quotes
CTI Reading (Traditional oral chart with intuitive card reading)

Quotes I just finished reading the composite (relationship) chart done for me by Holm Astrology. I?m not sure what I expected, as I?ve never had a composite chart done before. However, this chart reading is, quite frankly, amazing. The accuracy, depth, and detail provided are excellent. The chart reading answered several key questions I had?and much more. The information was delivered with a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness. I feel much better prepared now to move forward in this relationship in a clear, positive and, very importantly, realistic way. Quotes
KM, New York
Composite Chart Reading

Quotes Peter Holm of Holm Astrology had previously done an Astrology Oracle Card Reading that was "spot on" for me so I asked for his expertise again, this time for my Astrology Birth Chart..... Today I met with him & was amazed at his findings.... His attention to detail & interpretation of my chart was awesome.... There it was, all laid out in order of my life.....accuracy & clarity.... It is so amazing, that the way the planets align at the time of birth has such an effect on your life.... Peter's professionalism is second to none..... I will absolutely recommend Peter Holm of Holm Astrology to everyone I know.... Thank you, Peter, for this amazing gift you share....Awesome..... Namaste.... DA, Wasaga Beach, On. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes It truly was a fascinating experience to meet with Peter and get my chart done. This has provided me with a further understanding of my past, present and future life events and milestones. Amazing experience - thank you Peter. MW. Barrie. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Peter has a very special gift! The chart he did for me is a true reflection of who I am and why I am that person! It also allowed me to see my past with a different, more positive lens. While reading the chart I felt that not only does he have this wonderful gift, but it comes from a "holy" place. Thank you for your guidance! Quotes

Quotes Although I don't typically write testimonials after receiving a chart reading from Holm Astrology, I feel compelled to do so. This is the most thorough & accurate astrological chart reading I've ever had. It clearly identified not only my main character traits (and often their origination), but also many smaller, more subtle ones I have & it helped me understand more about them. This reading was done using only my birth date, time, & location-Peter Holm had no prior knowledge of me nor ever spoke with me before. Yet, his very thorough, well-written, & extremely detailed report made me feel like he?s known me for years. I also asked for transits (which have not been pleasant). Again, the depth & detail Peter offered regarding these transits was impressive and extremely accurate. He described in clear detail their possible impact on my current life situations (he was correct) Quotes
Kate M. New York, USA
Glad I made the Investment Part I

Quotes & importantly, he provided specific & helpful suggestions on ways I could attempt to navigate through them in order to learn the life lessons they're intended to teach (not easy ones right now?). The reports are very tactful but they don't 'sugar coat' things; what is, is. We can only grow when we accept & deal with our reality, & sometimes that's a bitter pill to swallow, at least at first. Subsequent to receiving my detailed reading, I had several questions. I emailed those questions to Peter, & he responded quickly & with great detail and clarity. I am in my early 50?s, have a moderate grasp of astrology, & have worked previously with several astrologers. However, I believe the quality, accuracy, detail, & professionalism provided by Holm Astrology surpasses them all. A reading by Holm Astrology is an excellent resource that will help you better understand & work with your life path. I?m very glad I made the investment & have no doubt you will be, too. Quotes
Kate M. New York, USA
Glad I made the Investment Part II

Quotes I've had 3-4 Astrological charts done for me in the last few decades. I didn't anticipate any surprises, but was interested in your perspective for the same birth data. I was very amazed to read this report & the nature & fluidity of its contents. I wasn't expecting this sort of reading. It spoke to me on a deeply personal level & I understood the perspective given as I reflect upon my life. I wouldn't have been able to receive this information in my earlier years as I would not have understood the links & subtleties covering the decades. It feels more like a 'soul' or 'life path' reading; highlighting major lessons, qualities & themes that are the undercurrents of my life that coupled with blocks & specific personality resistances. All of which are neatly spelled out in my chart, unique to my birth data, but inherent in all of us- the human condition & the sojourn of an evolving soul. Quotes
MK, Barrie
Life or Soul Path Reading Part I

Quotes When this information is viewed fresh on the pages, it makes you laugh at your own transparency, and gain some clarity of the Whole Self, in a way that isn't feasible without this sort of 'big picture' objective feedback. That alone is worth its weight in gold! The chart reading is insightful, intuitive and overall affirming. Peter's warmth and skilled craftsmanship remain constant throughout. I recommend Holm Astrology whole heartedly; it's a wonderful gift to give, especially to oneself. Thank you, Peter. Warmest Regards, MK, Barrie, ON Quotes
MK, Barrie
Soul or Life Path Reading Part II

Quotes I was initially interested in getting an astrology chart done because I have found myself going through an interesting phase in life, & I feel like it is important for me to understand what I'm going through in order to prepare for the future. This booklet put into words a lot of things I have been unable to explain & has helped me understand more about myself. Reading this definitely made me more aware of limitations I may set upon myself & increased my awareness of obvious personality traits that I choose to ignore. I think it helps to read something like this with an open mind & ability to accept oneself despite the reaction to the negative & know there's always room for improvement. Thank you for making this astrology chart for me. I found it very insightful & should prove a useful tool. Quotes
Useful Tool Part 2
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