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Quotes I just want to thank you, Peter, so much for the astrology chart you wrote up for me. Before I received this chart, I hadn't given astrology much thought. Upon reading the chart you wrote, I was amazed by the accuracy of it all. To this day, I refer to your chart and I find it extremely helpful as a guide, comforting due to its accuracy, and overall extremely effective. Thank you :) I would encourage many to get their chart done by you, as it's clear that you put forth your commitment, passion, and brilliance. Quotes
Lauren Elizabeth

Quotes The Moon's (Lunar) Node chart is very helpful in providing a mirror as to who you are and why you are here, a fundamental question to our existence. I wish the guidance counsellor at my local high school could have guided me with this kind of info to help make good choices with future studies, career choices and life choices in general!! Highly recommended for youth and late bloomers! Quotes
P. McNeill

Quotes I commissioned the preparation of a Compatibility Chart. I am now happy and confident in my chosen Life Partner. Holm Astrology explains why we are compatible and makes it clear, concise and meaningful. Peter also gives the charts the personal touch with his own observations and insights. The Compatiblity Chart for David and I is Bang On~~ I have read and re read it as have close friends and they are as amazed as well! You both are healers ...one person at a time! Thanks once again for your good and honest work. Quotes
Judy L.

Quotes Thank you Peter Holm for taking the time to create my chart. Words can not describe how grateful I am for the tools you have provided me and you have shone a light that very much needed to be lit. Please visit the Holm Astrology! Quotes
Melissa T.

Quotes "Spot on, is the best way to describe my chart. It was a real awakening to read your comments. It helped to see what I am going thru right now as I was feeling a little lost. We?ll see how the next year plays out as far as what is coming down the road. Thanks for the eye opener." Quotes

Quotes I have now had 4 charts done with Holm Astrology and am extremely impressed with all of them. I have just requested a new chart as a Birthday gift for ?XXXX?....She will be thrilled!!...This is a great idea for any occasion! I have had both Natal Charts and Compatibility Charts done to amazing accuracy. Quotes
Nova Scotia

Quotes Reading my daughters Chart was so amazing. Having all of her traits laid out in front of me was a lot like seeing myself written in words. Seeing ways I can help make her a stronger and more emotionally fulfilled person as she grows up is definitely one of the best tools a parent could have. I look forward to experiencing her personality really develop because from what I see in her already and what I see in her Child Empowerment Chart, she is an awesome little person! Quotes
Barrie, Ontario

Quotes I feel this chart is a gift to me. I appreciate every word and believe so very much. I was drawn to your words and I love how this chart is worded. I loved the fact that I had to read it twice and the second time I had to use a dictionary. Thanks again for your words and this new guidance. I know who I am and now I just have a new knowledge on where to direct my focus! Quotes
from NL
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