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The Eleventh House

The eleventh house deals primarily with group endeavours, clubs and organizations that we would like to be affiliated with. Within these groups, we seek to find fulfilment and often as a group we define our ideals and ambitions. This is the house where we define our goals. These are often inner goals and through the discovery of these aspirations, we can uncover our contribution to the world.

How we uncover this involvement may be discovered through the sign ruling this house cusp and planets found within the house. The relative ease or difficulty in reaching these aspirations are influenced by the planets in this house and the aspects formed through contacts with other planets.

The eleventh house is also the house of friendships and the ruler along with any planets found within this house will define the type of individuals that we may associate with. Friends and acquaintances are often found within a group consciousness and gatherings of like-minded individuals. Planetary links and aspects to these planets will define the degree of difficulty in maintaining these friendships or relative ease in forming them.

The fifth house is the opposite house to the eleventh house and often defines the love that we give out into the world. The eleventh house has to do with the love received, usually through friendship and group acquaintances.

If the eleventh house ruler is under developmental tension, defined by the sign’s ruler and aspects to this ruling planet, there are often difficulties when it comes to a balance between love given and love received. Often the individual feels as though they are doing all the giving and not enough is returned.

If for example you have Scorpio ruling the eleventh house, then the ruling planets would be Pluto and Mars. This would suggest that the organizations that you would want to be involved in would probably have metaphysical undertones and this could be a driving force within the structure of these groups. 

Much of your maturation would be developed through interchanges within these groups, would lead to transformations that at some point in life would cause you to re-evaluate who you are, and what you could do to change the world around you.

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