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The Mars return to its original placement in the natal chart by sign and degree takes place approximately every two years. Mars in many cases is considered malefic in its expression and often denotes aggressive action and conflicts which on some level require strength and determination.

Before we go into the return and its implications and consequences, we have to look at Mars’ placement within the natal chart. Is it well aspected especially by trine or sextile with the Sun, Venus or Jupiter? Is it poorly aspected especially by square or opposition and in some cases conjunct with Saturn, Uranus or Pluto? This will help define what we are working with when determining the influence related to Mars in this return cycle.

In many cases the time within a few days of the direct return, this period will often be accompanied by an initiation of activities, and a formulation of plans for advancement are often quite common. It has been noted that activities which require strength and stamina are generally highlighted at this time. Mars is connected to physical strength and the ability to rise above intrusion, but this can also deal with activities that are challenging in the mental arena as well.

Because of Mars’ reputation of being a malefic energy, some Astrologers link its place in the natal chart as an area of conflict, but the resolution often can be obtained by facing things head on and believing that inner strength is part of our personal abilities. Mars is certainly in need of steadiness and control as well as direction and has been linked with accidents and struggle often requiring instruction.

Many believe that Mars and its energies are something we need to worry about, but once again, we will need to look at the natal chart placement as well as other transiting and progressed factors present at that particular time to have a clear understanding of the energies at hand.

Mars is also a timing tool and can be used when analyzing as something might occur and along with the Sun, Uranus and the progressed Moon, we will find that Mars can be quite accurate in determining when the energies are about to be released.

Those that are in sync with Mars (Aries rising or Sun in Aries or a strong Mars placement) will find that the energies are more comfortable and easier to work with than for those that are not fortunate enough to have this present in their natal charts. However, it is always wise to set plans before jumping into action as this is when accidents take place or activities turn out less favourable than what we might have wished for.

As with all return cycles it is a time for new beginning, setting new goals and plans of action. Mars’ return can help with defining when it is best to move ahead or stay put in our plan of action. In a masculine’s chart, it speaks of male energies and the aggressive instinct depending on what sign and house Mars is found.

In a more feminine chart, it often speaks of the masculine spouse or someone who could be considered enthusiastic or aggressive or a prominent masculine figure.

In both gender charts, it can speak of a young masculine individual; as with Venus, in both charts often speaks of a young feminine individual. In both charts, Mars speaks of the sexual drive and ambitious, enterprising efforts made by individuals.

When we are going to experience the Mars return be prepared for action. Sometimes we will need to anticipate activity, and other times, life just pushes us in a direction that often requires action, drive and a personal initiative.