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Sometimes, we stand at the proverbial threshold and are hesitant to take a step through.

Why? Something holds us back and as a result, we are held in a state of limbo. Is it due to our frame of mind? Could it be our belief structures?

Do we have a hard time moving beyond limiting visions? Does this result from fear?

What can we do for ourselves or for others who have opened the door but are reluctant to step through?

It can be difficult to watch someone we love resist their journey. We cannot actually do anything to help them move forward as this is solely their decision and choice. Most of us wish to help others with their struggles; however, the issue cannot be resolved by does not sit with us; it rests with them.

In the pursuit of spiritual growth, we have to allow others to experience their own journey. Pushing them, if they are not ready to take that step, may only hinders their progress. Each individual, in their own journey, must be in an attitude of allowing before they can make their own personal moves. We can remind them of ego and the fight to gain control of their thoughts and attitudes, but progress can only come from their own efforts.

When people are influenced by ego, they usually are not aware of it or the choices available to move beyond ego. Most people “own” the voice within that tells them they are not worthy, they are stupid, and they are useless. They do not realize that this is not who they are. Making people aware of ego can be a touchy subject. Our suggestions must come from genuine caring, from the heart without any involvement from our own ego.

We must remind ourselves that everyone moves at their own speed. Rather than focus our sights on where others are progressing with their journey, we will do far better by focusing on where we are in our own personal journey. Be the light that brightens the path. When we are in touch with our true nature the only thing that shines forth is truth. When truth lights our path, we do not even have to explain what it is that might help others. The information will be obvious for those ready to see.

One tiny step over the threshold may feel like a hundred. The information and understanding coming to us can feel so intense that where we once stood (one step back) has been left behind permanently. We would never want to return to ego’s control and the confusion it created. Each step forward brings further enlightenment. This is a feeling, a knowing. It is not just information nor is it simply understanding. (Beware of ego, however, for it is not gone and may even try harder to gain control because it is threatened.)

If you are asked, it is fine to remind others of what is buried deep within. Our prime focus should be personal which in turn will brilliantly light the path for us personally but also for others.

May you experience the knowing and may it perpetually expand.

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