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We all experience times when we could use a helping hand. In some cases, someone is right there to help when we need them. Other times it seems as though no one knows what to say or do. We are faced with uncertainty and experience anxiety.

There will certainly be times when professional help is ideal. With a professionals skills and training, they can show us how to do the work required to overcome these obstacles.

“Tough times” are perfect lessons to teach us to overcome and gain inner strength, personal resolve and the list goes on. It is our determination and digging deep that teaches us strength and self-worth to name a few. In most cases there is no easy way out and we must acknowledge that it will take some hard work and discipline on our part to overcome life’s challenges.

Sometimes we see friends, relatives or strangers for that matter that are going through difficult times and we can be their shoulder to lean on. As we conquer our own challenges we become stronger and learn. We, then, can help others because of our own personal experiences. We can share our knowledge from our experiences.

As we open to our own lessons, we grow. We then can move from student (on that subject) to teacher when we are asked for help which may be as simple as an ear to listen or a hug.

Life has many lessons to offer. Be open to what is being offered.

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