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Never saddle yourself with a belief structure that all good things come to an end and there is no hope for a promising future. Beliefs and opinions tie you down and can hold you back. Alternatively, beliefs and opinions can propel you forward. It is up to each of us to decide which attitude we prefer to adhere to. It is up to us which train of thought we will follow and we must remember that over time, these beliefs take on their own life.

You are only at the mercy of your beliefs when you choose to follow thoughts that do not enhance your life’s picture. We can get lost in the mind’s constant interpretation of things and events.

We can follow any train of thought that we choose.

When anything comes to an end, the door opens for something new. It is up to each of us whether we walk through the doorway or turn and walk away. Sometimes we are pulls easily through and other times we must make an effort to move forward. To sit and wait is not suggested. In most cases, we have to take that step on our own to move ahead in life. We have to make an effort to let go of what is holding us back, even if this means letting go of something we really want to hold on to. If we have outgrown the current situation or if life has changed our circumstances, it is imperative that we let it go and move forward.

It serves no purpose wallowing in grief or sitting on the sideline. That is not living. Growth always takes work on our part, but it is always worth the effort.

Sometimes things take time to unfold. Patience is key. Always leave the door open and when the energies are right, life will begin to shift.

There is always a time for new beginnings. Each and every day is a new beginning and holds unlimited potential. Do what must be done. Lay the groundwork. Make your plans. Stand your ground but be flexible when need be. Live your life and recognize your purpose. Life is always in your hands.

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