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In our ever changing environment, we have to adapt to life circumstances and live to our full potential. Above all else, we should follow our conscience. We have to be open to expand our conscience and adapt our attitude to one that not only preserves our compassion and love for self but also embraces those around us.

There are many individuals whose roles affect the multitudes. Their actions not only affect them on a personal level but affects their communities, their countries and the world on a whole in varying degrees.

If there is an opportunity to right a wrong should we take it?

Are we undermining others if we attempt to change things for the betterment of the many?

Sometimes we need to make a stand and do what is right and just. Sometimes we, as a whole, can make changes that will make a positive difference. We are all affected by those with power. Be selective when you have a choice on who should represent you and your values.

Choose integrity over corruption. Choose love over greed.

Should our gain be more important than the needs of those living without?

When we promote love and compassion with integrity and trust, these qualities surround us.

The state of our community depends on the honor and integrity of each and every person forming that community. It is up to each and every one of us to uphold the values that are important to us.

What does your conscience ask of you?

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