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In a world where some are torn by adversity, some are lost in misjudgement and some are influenced by those that want to bring forth only fear, what can we do to maintain our own personal peace? How can we as humane individuals counteract these acts?

You may ask yourself what is my part in this ongoing, traumatic invasion of peace?

Amongst the turmoil, you can still rise above and allow love. You can still be the agent of peace. In your little corner of the world, start the ripple of good. It will prevail. You are the factor that can balance the scales but you can only do this in ways that offer kindness to those in need without adding to the opposite influence. To fight violence with violence only intensifies the reactions.

You are not raising your hand in defeat when you respond in a more gentle manner. You are not giving in by standing your ground through acts of kindness and love.

There are some amongst us whose temperament is to fight injustice through acts of aggression. There are those amongst us that will do what they feel is right to oppose and suppress violence even if that calls for violence, but this is not your part. You are one of the crusaders of peace, and the only way to truly bring about peace and tranquility is to be an example of it.

You know what your part in this process is! Be that agent of peace through your own terms and become the agent of change that our bound world so needs.

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