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Stop for a moment to take in all that surrounds you in your daily living. What in life creates the push that is the basis for how you live? Is it a desire to make things happen the way you want them too? Do you live your life for others or is this life self-directed? Have you found something you want to share? Are you in a place that assists you in sharing these things?

What truly makes you push forward in your life? Do you really want life to direct you or are you the director of your own personal journey? Are you being directed or lead by a higher source? Do you willingly follow this prompting?

We all need purpose and it is necessary to know that we are in line with our objectives. Some of us recognize that we are also being assisted from a higher source and that the direction being offered is always for our higher good.

If we live our lives with the purpose to serve others and always put ourselves last, this practice perhaps feels righteous, but is this for our general good? Should we always place others ahead of ourselves?

Our goal, when it comes to helping others, is to help them achieve a state of happiness, but if you are not happy ourselves how can we lead by example? We have to help ourselves together with others. It is a snowball effect. We will never experience true satisfaction and happiness by only satisfying the self. There will always be a feeling that something is missing. If we can blend self love and help through love and action for others, we will find true happiness.

If we find peace within (and this cannot be found from outside of self) we indeed have something of great value to share. We have rediscovered something that will not only benefit others, but will enhance our lives as well. When we utilize the energies that influence us positively, we resonate these energies to others. It is then that the time is ripe for sharing.

We should remind ourselves of whom we truly are on a deep, inner level. The self that we relate to undoubtedly is in part ego and in part spirit or soul. Learn to differentiate between the two. By letting go of our ownership of ego and not identifying with its intent, we do not allow ego to obscure our vision of self or take us to places that we do not wish to go. If we stand firm to our commitment to be happy and at peace, we are the messenger and deliverer of happiness and peace.

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