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We all need time to process what goes on in our lives. There are times when we experience traumatic events that even those that are very close to us have no concept of what we are experiencing emotionally. Sometimes we just need time to adjust or to process the information. There are many good-hearted people that will want to assist us during these times and there will be times when they seem to know the right words to say to plant the most appropriate seeds that assist us through to the other side of our difficult lesson.

If we happen to be that helping hand and truly feel compassion for our friend, our child, our partner or our parent, letting them know that we are there for them might be enough for that particular moment. Perhaps later on they may be ready for assistance and will ask. Even when our intensions are good, they are not always wanted and that is perfectly okay.

We all have our built in sensitivity meter and if we read the situation according to what we instinctively feel, we most likely will feel the energy coming at us suggesting that we back off for a little while or we move forward with loving gentleness and a compassionate ear.

Most of us intuitively know what is appropriate and will be guided if we listen to our inner voice. This also applies to those individuals who are experiencing the life event. Follow your instincts and listen to the nudges you receive; then move accordingly. If you feel space is required, it is perfect time to step back and allow. Remind them that they are loved and that you are available if and when they need you.

Kindness never fails whether we see the fruit of its labour or not. Respectfully, follow your instincts and allow your intuition to lead.

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