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Take a hard look around you. Did you judged the situation of the world at large?

It is far too easy to assume that these are troubling times. The media focuses on negativity and this leads us to believe that our world is in a state of chaos. It is our own personal responsibility to strive to bring peace back to our own little corner of the world. This will create a ripple effect.

Did you know according to many studies, in the United States of America for example, that violent crime rates are actually down significantly? You would not realize this from any news broadcast that you watch. Survival is a primal response. The news broadcasters know that violence converts into viewers. It is not by co-incidence that there are very few “feel good” reports in the news.

That being said, there is always room for improvement. The time is always ripe for positive intervention. Is it not time for those of us who are on this journey together to play our part in the healing process for individuals, for Mother Nature, for the world as a whole?

We cannot sit back and wait for others to nurture. It is essential to play a positive role.

We are rich with guides and most importantly, the guide within is most reliable as it/we are connected to source. Go within and enjoy the wealth. More often than not we look for answers outside of self, forgetting that our higher self in connected to all that is. As a result, how we choose and whatever we choose to offer is perfect and will always be timely.

We can do our little part and in so doing, we are stimulating others to do their part. A small action from you will create a mighty wave further down the river of life.

Belief in yourself can bring about ground-breaking healing and change to everyone.

Help yourself and in turn you are helping others.

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