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Are you one of those individuals that know somehow you are different?

Is there something about you that others categorize as eccentric or unusual?

If you feel that you do not fit as what is perceived as “normal”, you will be happy to know that you are not alone. Before we go into defining what makes you different, perhaps we need to figure out what the definition of “normal” is.

Does a normal person believe in only those things that are tangible?

If most people cannot perceive something, does that make it nonexistent?

Does a normal person believe that truth lies only in regular day-to-day experiences?

Does a normal person believe that they have no hand in their unfolding story and that they are at the mercy of life or does a normal personal believe that they have full control over their unfolding story?

So many of us have moved beyond the “tangible only” teachings of our forefathers--the teachings that have limited our growth and understanding. Is this the new normal?

If many have experienced the same unexplainable events, how can they not be truth?

Most of us have experienced events that cannot be explained by logic as we know it. Visions, knowings, near death experiences, warnings and the list goes on. So, what is normal?

Are these abnormal or normal?

Why do they call it “supernatural”?

Whether normal or abnormal, our lives go on exactly as they should regardless of our personal perception and belief structures. So, what limitations do you put on yourself and your life?

The next time you try to decipher whether your experiences or your attitudes are normal, reminder yourself that it really does not matter. Do not worry about what others think. We are all unique. Take the steps along your road of life but know that there are many travellers that take their own steps alongside of you. Vast numbers of these fellow travellers share your concepts, your beliefs, your truths, normal or not!

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