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Over the years, many of us have digested the information from many books, read countless articles, matched numerous movies and listened to many talks on spirituality, mysticism and the occult. Is there a point of saturation?

Personally, I do not think so. We are all taking part in an amazing journey. We are linked together through our studies but there is also awareness that is instinctual and our reading and sharing with others simply confirms what we already know. The learning process, however, never stops.

Our mystical understanding is taught or recognized on many levels of understanding, some lessons are exceedingly pleasant and other lessons are very tumultuous in their nature, but lessons nonetheless.

With our understanding of the process to gain insight into this precious realms of knowledge, of being and of how to elevating self on many levels, perhaps it is important that we share our knowledge and life experiences with others. Perhaps it is time to put together a book of our experiences, or to find some means of sharing our insights.

It is now a world of instant response and information is readily available through the internet (even though we should be very careful what sites we rely on for factual information). Even if our information does not bring financial rewards, there is something rewarding about sharing. Just a few words of enlightenment and encouragement are all that is required to help someone begin or further their journey.

Spread your love, compassion and wisdom to those that are open to receiving it. All things within this existence are here for us to share.

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