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The Ascendant (also known as the Rising Sign) in our natal Astrology chart is calculated by our birth time. The Midheaven is formulated by our place of birth. The Sun sign is calculated by the date of birth.

The Ascendant, in short, defines our external expression to the world. The Ascendant sign will indicate such as the first impressions we leave with someone we meet. It can define our appearance, can denote our grandparents, speaks of our vitality along with the Sun and other components in our natal chart and is often quite different from our Sun sign expression.

If we were to have a soft Sun sign like Capricorn or Pisces, an Ascendant sign such as Aries or Leo will certainly over-ride the more soft or subdued character traits of the Sun sign. This explains (and other factors) why some individuals do not identify or suite their Sun sign description. This can also be true the other way around. You may not be able to identify with the Ascendant or Rising Sign if you have a more powerful Sun sign or other conditions within the natal chart.

When we are defining our Ascendant sign, it is important to take into consideration its natural ruler and which house this ruler resides within in our natal chart. For example if you have a rising sign (Ascendant sign) of Capricorn, you will have to see where its ruler (Saturn) is placed in your natal chart. Once you locate this position, you will be able to further define how you represent yourself. You would include Saturn and its significant characteristics as well as how this would be defined in its house position.

Saturn, for example, suggesting a Capricorn ascendant, found in the second house, would imply a critical view of the potential for success in finances depending on the aspects to Saturn in the chart. If they are favourably aspects, a secure financial foundation would be suggested. If poorly aspected, these energies may surface as someone who has low self-esteem and/or someone who is unsure of themselves. This in turn could create security issues as these energies could be reflected in their inability to do well when it comes to financial concerns. Someone with a favourably placed Saturn in the second house may do well in the financial world by building a solid financial base over time and as a result, they would feel secure about themselves.

This is just one expression of how Saturn might be reflected in the second house and it is important to know that Saturn may often suggest challenging conditions linked to the area of life suggested by the house position it is found in.

We can always find ways to work our way through these life lessons. Saturn is the teacher. Learn the lessons it is teaching and there will be gain secured through diligent effort on our part. Saturn is the disciplinarian but also our greatest ally to the building of a solid structure or foundation as time passes. Saturn often delays or restricts, but can be quite favourable once we decide to work at what needs our attention.

Back to the Ascendant personality.....Another example might be someone with a Sagittarius ascendant with Jupiter in the fourth house in their natal chart. This individual would appear to be overly optimistic, a freedom lover, a believer in finding truth, a philosopher and someone who may say things without considering the impact their words might have on the recipient (foot in mouth disease).

When we take Jupiter in the fourth house into consideration, these characteristics may be seen through family and friends, or they may try to push these qualities or learned experiences onto their family. They may also find luck and opportunities somehow related to their home environment perhaps earning potential through property or good luck attached to the home or land investments.

This example individual may be verbal about their family and proud of their heritage. They may also be optimistic about their family and proud of their children’s attributes. They can come across as caring and nurturing as well as psychic in their expression (remember that the natural ruler of the fourth house is Cancer). While in the first example the natural ruler of the second is Taurus, so building a proper foundation would be important for this individual and they may also be somewhat withdrawn or appear to be holding back in their expression.

What is your face to the world?

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