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The birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the instant of your birth. Each planet represents a quality linked directly to you; a character trait if you will, that is different for all individuals. There are no two charts that are precisely the same, and even when someone is born in the same year, on the same day and the same moment, their point of birth will differ and therefore change the overall personal characteristics, although minutely, depending on how close their birth placement is.

The planets are placed into twelve houses circling the horoscope. Each house is significant as they represent an area of life. The planets located within the houses will have an impact on that area of life. If several planets located in a particular house, an emphasis is given to that area of life.

From the instant of birth onward, the planets begin moving again around the chart. As these planets all move at different speeds, they take different lengths of time to move through the houses. Some of the outer planets (distance from the Sun) move extremely slowly and will only go through 3-4 houses in your lifetime. When these outer planets, and inner planets to a lesser degree, enter each house, they move across what is referred to as the house cusp. The cusp is the strongest area of the chart unless there are planetary forces located within those houses. This area of life will become intensified during these times and the nature of the planet will be enhanced.

If there are birth planets located in these houses, the planet moving through the house will rest on that planet and link with its energies and influence your life. These movements of Planets are called transit and progression, and there are several different connections that they can make with the planets from the birth chart. These connections are known as aspects.

The planetary locations at birth do not change and the angles between these birth planets will not change either for the Natal Chart. These connections define our personality and our challenges and opportunities that we are born with. Over time, these will manifest and when the transits and progressions make aspects to these planetary positions, they activate the birth potential.

Some of these birth aspects are challenging and when transiting planets touch these areas in your chart, they either aggravate issues to push you to act or present opportunities to make amends with these difficulties. When these interlinking planetary influences are in easy aspect with one another, they indicate opportunities that should be taken or opportunities that just seem to fall into your lap. There are always lessons to be learned and during these transits, we are forced or challenged to take a closer look at the alternatives we have available and what we can do with these energies at hand.

Astrology never dictates what actions we will take but does offer suggestions on how to handle the planetary energies and how long they will influence our lives. We always have control of our destiny, but Astrology tells what to expect and possible alternatives to situations.

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