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Baffled by Life - Offer Love

We often cannot help but wonder why our world is under such duress, and why a heavenly God would allow these events to unfold. At times these matters seem relentless and so many are filled with sadness, hatred and confusion. It seems that there is never a day that passes without some momentous event taking place somewhere in our world.

Many of the tragedies that occur involve individuals that seem to have no connection with the cause of the events taking place.

Violence evokes more violence and so the circle of vicious activities continue without resolution, without find peace.

Why does ruthlessness come so easily to some with total disregard to our fellow brothers and sisters and these actions are called justice? If we humans can behave in such ruthless fashions, then why is it so difficult for we humans to behave in more peaceful fashions? Why can we not live side by side in peace and align with our true purpose of love and compassion? If it is so easy to create havoc, surely it is just as easy to create harmony and balance, for God has allowed us free will.

Is it not possible to live in peace and offer one another the support, compassion and respect that is so desperately needed? Can we not find peaceful resolutions and common ground for all to share? Why does there have to be violence and vindictive behaviours? Why is it so difficult to create a peaceful resolution and to help one another? Do we not believe that this is our purpose, or are we here to hurt others and create greed and hatred?

It all begins with each one of us individually. We are the starting point. We can start within our own little circle of acquaintances. Family and friends are often where the battle grounds are initiated. If we cannot be tolerant with our biological brothers and sisters, how will we ever learn to be loving and compassionate with strangers? Have we not evolved as a peaceful race?

Love is our core. It holds no grudges and causes no intentional pain. It comforts the suffering and satisfies the hungry. It is boundless and ever present. It shows no prejudice, eliminates no one and is committed to peace.

Love is not something that has to be worked on. It naturally is. Love resides within each of us and is available always. Ignite the spark of love and be open to its flame.

Be one with the truth. Spread love through forgiveness, peace, tranquility, sensitivity and compassion. It begins with you and you alone can bring it to the surface in your life, simply by being love. It is yours to share. Be the example of the change that is needed in our world today.

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