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In the face of adversity, what is your best mode of defense? Do you run and hide behind the veil of uncertainty? Do you seek shelter from the colds winds of aggression and attack?

How do we respond when our backs are against the wall? What is our best approach when the prevailing forces or circumstances seem to weigh us down?

They say that fighting aggression with aggression only creates more of the same and we tend to agree with this.

If we are attacked physically or emotionally what is the best approach?

I am not referring to a war situation. I am referring to situations when we are prisoners of our own personal attitude and/or affected by other people’s personal behaviors.

You have to stand up for yourself when need be and use your inner power to rise above the situation at hand. Sometimes life comes at us from all directions and we are forced to find or remember that inner core strength and find ways to survive and conquer. Through our own acts of determination and strength, we reach within and find the power to not only carry on through these situations but to rise above them. In so doing, we find stamina and perseverance.

We reach within and find hidden strength that we never knew existed and the determination to overcome any adversity that stands before us. Our strength comes from within and we all have the capacity to overcome. We emerge stronger, more resilient, and ready to forge ahead with our heads held high.

We are the masters of our destiny regardless of what stands in the way. We have the ability and the know-how to pull from our own resources. We are much more powerful than we realize and nothing stands in our way that can’t be rectified or adapted.

We have what it takes and always have. The only things that stand between our mastery or our defeat is our ability to transcend our thoughts and rise above life’s conditions that once seemed impenetrable.

Utilize your instinct to survive and rise above the mundane and destructive, often self-inflicted, intrusions. Know your strength and realize your ambitions. Follow through! Reach for your heart's objectives.

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