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There is truly no better person you can be then your true authentic self. For some and the many masks that are worn, it will be necessary to go deep to uncover who that person really is.

The true you is not your so-called negative characteristics. The true self is that person you recognize in the true highest regard.

For some individuals they may have only allowed this true self to shine through a hand full of times in their life. This true self is always with us and is our guiding force, the core of our being.

Think of the best person you could be, and you will understand self. Be proud of this person and let you shine. The true you is your higher self, but is also completely connected to your physical you.

What others think of who you is not who you are. These opinions are only important to ego. What others think is not important, but what you believe is of utmost importance.

What you focus on builds over time and if you do not like what you see, change your perception, and pay more heed to what you do like about self. Over time this will build and eventually become very apparent.

Many search for happiness and contentment but this is not found outside of self. It is not found through partnerships. It is a choice and is found within.

Discover self as there is always more to discover.

You orchestrate your life by what you believe is possible. Remove the limitations. Release fear. You are in control and you are love. Let it shine.

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