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Being of Assistance

Never belittle yourself by thinking that you have nothing to offer. You are special and have an important role in this life, whether you believe this or not. You are able to assist others through channelling your energy into proper frequencies based on love and compassion. You have the ability to tap into your resources and assist anyone in need; you just have to believe in yourself. Confirm this within and make alterations for your own personal needs. Resolve any internally battles by accepting responsibility (not ownership) for your own shortcomings.

You choose which route to take in life and will meet up with individuals that sway your life’s direction and alter your course in intended directions. When someone interferes with your own personal growth, you have to take charge and move yourself away from this situation. Taking charge begins with realizing that you needed this individual to come into your life in the first place to awaken knowledge and then to take whatever information gathered and then move forward with it.

If someone comes into your life with issues that they are willing to share, it is important to understand that they need to do the work to heal but their realization of this might be activated from you. It is not by chance that you have crossed paths and your purposes may be to offer assistant for them to be capable of lifting themselves above their challenges. Ultimately, however, they are the ones that make the decision to change and to make the actual adjustment. You promote action; you initiate movement, but they decide when to move away from their dilemma. If they are not ready for adjustment, it does not matter what you do. You cannot shift them. It might start with you but it ends with them.

Ego cannot interfere. As long as you are aware that you are only a conduit and not the actual healer, the ego remains in its place. We all have the capabilities to allow healing power to flow through us. Often without even realizing it, we say just the right thing or offer just the right approach to assist others in their time of need. The ego is a force that can either work with us or work against us. It can provide reinforcement and help us with our belief systems that can aid, or ego can inflate and only serves to hinder own personal growth.

The next time when someone knocks on your proverbial front door and asks for help, know that you have the tools to unlock any problem and open the door.

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