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Being There for Family & Friends

It can be very heartbreaking when family members are experiencing stressful times. Gentle assistance or a soft touch is just what is required and can help them during these trying times. We all go through difficulties and experience them in our own manner. We learn to adjust and make changes to our life so we can help alleviate the pressure from life’s sometimes stormy conditions.

Through life’s events, we learn understanding and can offer assistance to others in their times of need. As life progresses, we become proficient at handling many of life’s events and can be relied on to come up with solutions that have been overlooked by our companions. Some people become very wrapped up in their personal situations, so much so that they become blind to solutions. Sometimes the answer is right in front of them, but they simply do not see it.

Is it now during these times that we should step up to assist them in their plight? Would you not appreciate any loving assistance during times of struggle? Agreeable, however, there are times when each of us needs to find resolution within and our loving advice might blur their intended lesson. We must know the signals and read between the lines to understand when it is time to back off and give them their learning space.

During excessive strain, it is often best to provide them with some breathing room so they can come to terms with the issue and make the adjustments necessary. We all have the answers available and sometimes we can find these answers within and sometimes we become lost in the confusion and need others to show us the direction to get back on track.

A shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen will never go amiss.

We all have our trying times. If needed, the right person always comes along at just the right moment to offer support when it is really needed. You never know when you will be that person.

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