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Sometimes our intellectual capabilities stand in the way of sound instinct. Sometimes we disregard our intuition and continue along the road of practicality. We forget how to listen to our heart and soul, paying too much attention to our mental chatter.

You know that feeling that you just shouldn’t do what you are about to do?

That is your intuition or guidance coming from other sources. It could be from the inner self of a connection with source. You should listen but at the same time ignore the negative ego that actually comes from the mind. There is a difference.

A good way to recognize what is mental processing or ego compared to intuition or guidance can be determined by the feeling that goes along with what is transpiring from within. If the feeling leads to fear, then it is likely coming from the mind and if the feeling seems like a warning it is likely coming from intuition.

A personal example of this took place several years ago. I cut down a tree. After falling the tree, I went over to cut off a branch that was holding the tree is a precarious position. Although I had two people holding ropes attached to the ends of the tree when I cut the branch off, the trunk of the tree and a remaining large branch rolled and the large remaining branch rolled over my head and rolled to the ground. Something within told me to stand still, and I listened. One part of the tree fell to my left inches away and the other part of the tree to my right also inches away. If I had moved or tried to get out of the way one or the other part of the tree would have landed on me causing serious head injury perhaps even death. The one large branch off the trunk gently touched the top of my head as it rolled, but I did not receive a scratch.

We must pay attention when something within wants our attention whether that it be an order, which it was in my case, or whether it is a quiet little voice within that seems to be calling for your attention.

Sometimes the mind gets in the way of the message or forms intrusive thoughts that cause us to feel anxious or worried. In many cases this is tied to the future and in some cases is reflective of the past. Intuition often occurs in the now or very near future. The voice within if you want to call it that is usually hard to define but the more we listen, the louder it gets. Learn to listen!

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