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Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is similar in effect to a Full Moon, in that it entails a demand for action on the part of the individual who is being affected by it. Those born on April, July, October, and January on the fourth give or take five days on either end will be affected by this Blood Moon on April 4 2015.

As mentioned the activated individuals will be required to take some action on something in their life that is coming to an end, or culminating. It should however be understood that this ending of sorts is something that is required and there is a needed change that unfolds. In most cases the initial stage of the onset of the action may be somewhat challenging, some even experience a shock factor. However after the initial action it is understood that this event was inevitable and the change was a requirement.

Most change is challenging as we are creatures of habit and we prefer things to run smoothly, but in this case things may not have been running that smoothly and therefore action had to be taken. If the individual fails to address the issue, there may be times when life will open a doorway that fosters some alternative and asks gently for action. If these initial actions are not acted upon and the individual fails to respond accordingly then often something more drastic takes place.

These actions are however not to be feared as once the initial process is underway you will realize that the action was very necessary, actually a requirement. It will also bring on something else that is far more significant to the growth of the individual than things were before the event takes hold. It could be called a blessing kept under wraps and it actually offers something clearer or better than what was present before. You may just have to wait for the final outcome.

Although things may look rather lost in the moment, you will come to realize that if something is not working then it needs fixing. Necessary treatment is often what takes place. If you had a cut you would clean it and dress it accordingly to stop further infection from setting in and this is what we must do in this case.

This is not to say that this is a big event in your life and one should not be overly concerned with what might take place, as some will not experience anything noticeable. Change is only a requirement if there is something that stands in the way of your spiritual enlightenment and often the more challenging the situation, the greater the results are when things settle back into place.

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