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Brighter Days Ahead

It is said that we learn from our shortcomings and from the stressful events in our lives. Let’s face it, who amongst us has not had to deal with difficult periods in their life? Why is this necessary? Could we not learn from less stressful situations?

If life event were our decisions, would we shelter ourselves from these hardships? Would we choose an easier path to enlightenment? It is said that the best learned lessons are the challenging ones, but why is that? We accept the concept that life teaches us what we need to learn, but do we simply accept each of the challenges that are provided by life? In reality, there is little choice on the lessons that knock on our door and we have to adapt to these conditions. It is what it is.

Fighting our life lessons serves little purpose. These lessons in life are what we need to growth. We just have to dig deep to find our strength to move forward. A battle that is fought for righteous reasons is a battle well fought, but the end results of a battle which is fought through ego will not be in our favour.

We are equipped to handle most of our life’s circumstances. There are times that we can simply reach within for the answers. There are also times that we do not feel that we have the strength to continue on. When we reach these testing times and we have exhausted all our reserves, it is appropriate to seek assistance. Whether the assistance comes from your higher source or a trained professional, the resolution is attainable and can be found.

Understand that we are in control of our reaction to life events. We always have the capability of putting the issues into proper perspective. Attitude and belief structure are key ingredients in dealing with and resolving issues that enter our lives. Trained professional do not do the work for us. They provide us with ideas and positive reinforcement. In the end we make the adjustments necessary.

Regardless of how you address an issue, you are the one who activates the resolution. Accept your capabilities and the acknowledge that the strength necessary to rise above each and every challenge resides within you and is always accessible.

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