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During the course of a lifetime we go through many different stages of development. Some of these can be felt with extraordinary intensity. One that jumps to mind is when we maneuver our way through puberty. Each step, no matter how intense, is important to our overall growth and maturation.

There are times when we seem to reach a crossroads and it can be quite apparent how pertinent this particular stage is to our development, as it is not a gradual change taking place over a longer period of time.

During these apparent stages, which may be few and far between, we seem to completely change and we no longer are the person we were just a short time prior. The term “from a caterpillar to a butterfly” accurately defines the significance of these periodic events. We go through a metamorphosis which dwarfs any other previous growth period.

Many people suggest that they can feel these types of changes approaching, although they may not understand what specific change is actually coming.

We are speaking of a massive evolutionary transformation which takes us one step closer to recognizing our unity with all. For some, this can feel foreign and completely new. Because of the newness some individuals are uncomfortable with the changes; others, however, are excited and exhilarated from the experience. In reality, the changes and what we learn from them are not foreign place at all. Subconsciously we understand and recognize the road that takes us there.

Many of us after the changes have taken place recognize that we know this place well and we can feel ourselves aligning to information we have forgotten during this earthly experience. The more we accept this new state, the more we understand. We stop questioning and a wealth of information floods to us. This is a time of awakening to our higher self. This is a time when we begin to understand, at least in part, our path and purpose.

We shed our old skin and transform internally in many ways. Who we thought we once were can now be left behind; however in reality we, on a higher level, have not changed.

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