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Clearing Blocks

Lack of action on detrimental ideologies and inherent conditions tends to hold us back from our natural growth or progression. At times, we accept concepts and take them on as our own without interpretation and then struggle to integrate these concepts into our lives. Many of our personal concepts are based on ideas that we have set for ourselves possibly through expectations of others or what we have been taught in younger years; and we process them as part of the foundation of our ongoing, forever adjusting belief structures.

These personal concepts can range from what we believe is attainable, what we believe we are capable of receiving, to beliefs that are reflective of outside conditions which are created or stem from internal views of the self. We categorize who we are becoming and what life has in store for us based on standards we set for ourselves without realizing that we are putting limits or restrictions on what actually is available for us in this space in time.

These conditions adjust as we set new standards in motion through the ongoing search for self. We become lost in this search because we believe it is something that we are not. As a result, we continually search. If we were to stop for a moment and ease up on this relentless pursuit, we would come to the realization that what we search for is already part of who we are.

Everything we want for ourselves is attainable as it lies in waiting within us. The only thing that holds us back is our belief structures through conditioning from our past.

Are you willing to review the structure of your mind? Do you have a willingness to go beyond the confines of what you consider or have been taught is acceptable for the apparent time in life?

Each day brings something new for us to ponder and we take on whatever we wish to make our own. We can be forever lost in the search and can be unaware that the search itself is what is hindering our awareness of where and who we actually are.

The key is in our belief structures and if we can hold on to this truth, we can facilitate change in accordance to what we want our lives to be. Taking control or at least understanding the control we have in the process begins a spiral of effects that are more in line with where we aim to be in your life. It is all a matter of focus and the ability to determine what direction we want to go.

Based on these concepts of truth, we can help facilitate an ongoing process leading to the place we have set for ourselves which we refer to as our future. This term future is a man made concept of time and space. In reality it is found in the moment. Following instinctual reasoning, we can push forward with this in mind, knowing that the moment is the goal and what will follow is determined by that moment and nothing else.

Typically, patterns of thinking are always based on previous conditions or alternate potential realities that will follow a pattern linked to our expectations. In reaching the now, or actually finding or accepting it, we let go of any thoughts pertaining to the future or the potential future, as well as all past conditions. Living in the moment should be our prime focus as it is truly all that matters and all that is real. It is the now that holds all the ingredients and insights that are required--nothing else matters. Nothing else is required. We will experience what it is we are meant to experience in the here and now, this ever present, this eternal moment.

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