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Many of us lead busy lives and spend much of our day tethered to our work, then driving, eating, cleaning and off to bed for another sleep to begin again. Many of us spend our evenings, relaxing in front of the television, scrolling through social media or playing interactive games.

Take a moment and think about what is lacking in our day.

Communication on a one-to-one, face-to-face level is slowly being replaced. We are so wrapped up in the apps on our phones that we have forgotten to be together with the people that are physically with us or would love to be with us.

We are slowly losing physical contact in favour of electronic amusement or conversation.

Our children are either watching television or gaming to occupy their time. If limits are not placed on these activities, children can become lost in their electronics. I recently read that there are direct links with the feelings of isolation, depression, distorted sense of reality, an extreme sense or no sense of self worth, lack of social skills, etc. with the overuse of technology with our children.

We are losing physical contact with friends and loved one and replacing this precious time with faceless interaction. I have personally experienced, as I am sure you have too, a group of people sitting together in a room and most of these people completely focused on their cell phones to the point that they cannot carry on a proper conversation with those in the room. How can we enjoy friendly conversation, interact, and share our experiences?

Technology certainly has its place and if used correctly can enhance the quality of our lives. These tools are important for communicate with friends and family who cannot be with us. These tools are important learning tools with the vast information available if we take the information from reliable sources. These tools are also great to unwind.

Use your technology but be sure that it is not at a cost to your family and friends. Share your life with those that are with you physically as well as with those that are on the other end of your phone. Ensure that your children develop all the skills that they will need to enrich their lives.

Nothing will ever replace a one-on-one conversation, a gentle touch, a hug or a kiss!

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