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As innocent and good-hearted we may be, there are many that have not experienced the blessing of spirituality, or of mysticism. So many of us are very fortunate. Our experiences have opened the doorway to greater understanding and the welcoming of inner peace in our lives.

There are some however that aggressively preach their view to the point of bullying and vindictive behaviors. Their means of conduct are often brought forward from childhood. They unfortunately live a life of turmoil and upset not knowing that they have control over their actions and reactions.

There are some individuals looking for support and love and are met with aggression by bullies or worse.

With guidance and example most people can be taught conscious thinking and mindfulness. We must however lead through loving examples, even in the face of adversity.

For most, it is can be far too easy to lose their way because of violence and/or fear.

We have the potential to change lives through volunteer work, having a good ear, words of encouragement, financial assistance, and the list goes on. Many get caught up in what they see in front of them, (social and new media, friends, co-workers). It is far too easy to slip into or get caught up in the energy put out by others. A mob mentality is a perfect example of this energy at work.

The more we see specific actions and feel specific energies, the easier it is to accept these as normal. We slowly pick up attitudes and energies through influence and this can happen without realizing it is taking place. This just reiterates the need for mindfulness.

Be the example to show these individuals that life can be enjoyed, not feared. Some live their entire lives fearing others. They know nothing more than anxiety each and every day. Some end up incarcerated because of their violent retaliations.

How can we help? How can we make our world a little more peaceful?

Be the example peace. Reach out to those you can reach. Teach compassion.

Violence and anger grown from life’s experience when mindfulness is lacking. We have the ability to make a difference. Release anger and lay down your sword of retaliation and vengeance.

Love sows love!

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