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Delight in Truth

Holding hands, we walk this road of life together. Let’s stop a moment and reflect on all the good in our lives. Never take the view point that things are missing in your life, or how difficult it is from time to time. We only want to focus on life’s fulfillments and the love generated from within.

Be thankful for your life and all its details, for the ability of the mind to function and the ability to fulfill our daily endeavors. Be thankful for your ability to filter thoughts and act on them. Be thankful for the tranquility that the mind can enjoy through acts of meditation, although this tranquility is generated from a deeper source. Be thankful for the resources necessary to move forward with your life.

Take a moment and reflect on your own personal life and all the gifts that have been presented. In reality they are too numerous to list. Take an honest look at your life and all that you have going for you. Be thankful for all the challenges that life provides you with for these are your stepping stones.

Find that place within that brings you peace and contentment and reside there in the moment and appreciate that it in fact exists. Embrace your chosen life and all its complexities as well as the rewards ever present. Simply open your mind’s eyes to them. Above all, be thankful for your connection with life itself and the understanding you have of the oneness that exists in all things. Understand the truth of this oneness and know that you are an integral part of it.

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