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Sometimes we get lost in our everyday activities. Sometimes we get so caught up in existing that we forget to live.

We live each day, working, cleaning, cooking, and enjoying the pleasures that life provides. We focus on living in the moment, experiencing, accepting the lessons and then letting go. We connect on different levels with our inner self and identify with who we believe we are in the material, worldly sense.

Life experiences teach us and often opens doors that might otherwise have remained closed. Life certainly is a teacher, and we the students. This does not diminish as we age. There is never a time in life when we are not learning. Each time we feel stuck or stagnant, we are being taught patience and perseverance.

Have we forgotten our purpose which runs much deeper than just learning?

We get so caught up in the mind’s focus. Our thoughts do not define us. We are not our thoughts. We are the one listening to the thoughts. We run much deeper than our thoughts. Once simply listen to the mind instead of reacting to it, we can separate ourselves from the constant chatter that pulls us in every direction.

We are spiritual entities that have come into this life to experience and to learn, but we have also come into this life to serve and help. The talents we brought into this life suggest that we are here to go far beyond just sleeping, eating, procreating and working. Destiny is calling from its deepest realms asking you to reach within and recognize the real you and to connect.

You can do more than exist. Reach out and help those in need and move in directions that you never thought were attainable. The mysteries of life will unfold to those open to learning, giving and expanding.

Listen to the quiet voice. This voice and our acts of compassion, love and appreciation promote growth and truth.

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