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This is a continuation of the previous post on the energies of an eclipse from February 5, 2020. Today, we will now go further into the definition of their energies.

One thing that perhaps we should mention that was not mentioned previously is that a Solar eclipse is connected to the sign and house position. On the other hand, a Lunar eclipse is connected to the sign and house position but also has to take into consideration the opposite sign and house position to get the full picture of what areas of life would be involved.

The duration of these eclipses can begin as early as one to two weeks before that actual eclipse event and usually lasts 3-6 months but can last up to one year. Some Astrologers suggest that a Lunar Eclipse lasts in months the amount of time in hours (a three hour eclipse would then have a 3 month effect) and a Solar Eclipse lasts in years the time the event takes in hours. Not enough research has been done in this area to validate these statements in my opinion. Don’t forget, the eclipse has to touch another planet in the natal chart and cannot be out by more than 3 degrees to that planet or angle making the aspect to be influential in an individual’s personal chart.

Eclipses are also designated into the elements, which are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

With a fire eclipse (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) the energy associated with the eclipse will often be quite dynamic in its action. It will be intense and often happen rapidly. Again, the events associated with this eclipse can occur up to two weeks before and up to 3-6 months after the initial Eclipse. It can speak of first attempts and self-initiated activities or activities that are felt on a personal basis, especially if the eclipse is in Aries. We should be careful not to rush into things and watch for aggressive action under this influence. There can be dangers with arguments, fights and aggressive periods. On a world scale, these events can indicate wars and aggressive action taken by nations against other nations.

With an Earth Eclipse (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) the world of finances is often affected. Wealth and occupation can be influenced as well as career opportunities or shortfalls depending on which end of the nodes this eclipse occurs on. Business enterprises can be affected especially when connected to Capricorn and health may be affected especially with a Virgo eclipse. Land and property can also be affected as well as anything that is grown in our orchards, gardens and fields. This is more of a slow and meticulous eclipse and can last up to one year and usually unfolds slowly, although things often begin to come to the surface about one month after the initial eclipse period.

A Water Eclipse (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will have an impact from an emotional perspective. Emotions run high and sensitivity is accentuated. Quite often psychic inclinations come into play and we are more receptive to these influences in our lives. We can begin ventures into these areas if we wish and discover hidden elements within ourselves that we may not have paid enough attention to prior to this time. Home and real estate may be profiled especially when Cancer or the fourth house is activated. This could include buying and selling of property. Domestic situations may arise either for good or create a challenging situation based on the North or South Nodes influence and the planets associated with this eclipse.

Finally we have the Air Eclipse (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and these eclipses infiltrate the mind and communication techniques. They foster growth and advancement or setbacks when it comes to schooling and perhaps those wishing to promote their written material. It affects communication to a great extent and may help with the organization of ideas and promote higher learning on some level. Much can be learned whether this be through challenges or through higher teachings during this eclipse.

It should be remembered, as with all things in life, that the influence from any eclipses regardless of how difficult or easy they may be will also depend on our focus, rational, attitude and how we choose to deal with the energies at hand. We are always in control of our own personal outlook and what we do with these energies is always in our own hands.

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