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There are times when we simply have to sit down, acknowledge and come to terms with life’s events. We have a need to try to rationalize these events and ultimately, we must accept all terms and conditions.

This is not always an easy task, but one that must be faced and carried out. We have to stand back, digest and accept to the best of our abilities. Sudden, unexpected events can push us to experience many different emotions. We deny; we experience anger; we unjustly lay blame believing that these responses might eliminate our sorrow and at the very least ease the burden. We look for avenues to release the sorrow that blankets our existence.

It is in these times of extreme stress and utter sadness that we find resilience that we never knew existed. Allowing and then letting go of hurt is a difficult task but one that is achievable. As devastating as some life event can be, life does still carries on. Grief can cause us to view our lives as empty but if we take a good look, we are surrounded by so many that truly care. Embrace the support we receive, but realize that only we can heal our wounds. We will somehow muster each ounce of energy required to get through the days yet to come and we will foster a resilience and inner fortitude that will carry us forward.

The support we require will come in different levels. Our inner strength will rise to the surface and we will eventually come out stronger and intact once again. Stand tall knowing that we have what it takes and we will revamp ourselves as we move through these tumultuous conditions. We heal with every breath of life we take.

Be thankful for the different forms of support and caring you receive. Please know that we are!

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