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Go back in time even just a few years. How much has life changed over this short period? We bet you have made some remarkable changes and experienced growth.

Not only have you made changes internally but you will also recognize that the world around you has also been remodelled and is now more suited to the newly emerging you. It is obvious that the outer appearance in the world is a reflection of what has and is taking place on the inside. You are most certainly on the move and new horizons are in your view.

This is a great opportunity to contemplate and/or meditate on where you have come from and where you find yourself now. Extend this contemplation onto how you currently view yourself. Objectively, review and recognize what has taken place. Now ask yourself where you want to be say two years down the road from now.

You can now put those thoughts and ideas on the backburner as all will unfold as it should precisely at the right time in precisely the most appropriate manner as is possible.

You are beginning to become secure in your attitude towards and intentions for life. You are ever creating, sometimes in a conscious means and sometimes from an unconscious means, but you are always creating.

Enjoy the ride. Be open to change. Accept life as it is, for you know full well that you are setting the course through your intentions for your as a person and for your future. There are no mistakes, only twists and turns in the road. You are on your way, taking one step at a time. Be patient. The process is perfect exactly the way it unfolds.

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