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Take a moment to sit and enjoy watching our young. Watch their behaviour and pay attention to their attitudes. Do these behaviours and attitudes in any way match up with yours?

The first thing we usually notice from children is that they are living in the moment. They are not concerned about what tomorrow brings. As a matter of fact, they are not even aware that tomorrow will exists. If they are content playing, sharing with a friend or simply watching and taking in what you might be doing, they ARE happy and living in the here and now.

If their attention is somehow swayed from their playing, if their friend stops playing with them or you change your focus to from them to something else, under normal circumstances, the child quickly shift their attention to something else without missing a beat. They have moved on to something new. Whatever draws their attention is what holds them in the moment.

They may become upset if they lose a toy, but usually for only a very short time and as soon as their attention in directed elsewhere, they forget their losses and move on. They are innocent in their actions and do not hold grudges. They are happy and content with whatever comes next.

Can you live this way? Do you dwell on those things that you have lost in life or do you move forward? Do you adapt to life’s circumstances and move forward with as much enthusiasm as a child? Do you get stuck on “what used to be”? Do you have a difficult time moving in new directions?

Just as our children, throughout our lives we will suddenly lose people, opportunities and things and will be forced to make changes in direction. A new path or opportunity, however, will be place in front of us. We then will have to choose – will we willingly follow this new opportunity and place our focus on life’s continually changing flow or will we fight for what was and swim against the current causing struggles and exhaustion? We can become upset and depressed over what used to be or we can choose to move forward on our new route with enthusiasm. If we can learn to easily change directions and not fight our inevitable course, life has so much more easy flow and the rewards are recognized immediately.

We should live as children and accept change when it comes, to move forward with little hesitation, especially when something is taken away from us or when someone has left us. Many of us can get caught up in the past and when life’s path shifts we fight the changes that are inevitable. This unfortunately causes us to temporarily lose our direction. We cannot move forward until we have accepted and let go of the past. We can and eventually must leave our past where it belongs, in the past. Once we allow this to take place, we can move forward into the ever-changing moment.

Learning to swim with our life’s current and not struggling to swim against the current. Floating or swimming with the current allows us to flow through our lives more readily. We cannot change the current. It will flow where it will. Life will have its turbulent moments and each of us will experience our fair share. The direction we swim is always our choice.

Remember a new door always opens when an old door closes. This is not an ending but a new beginning. Each new life experience builds from the previous ones. Our life’s current is continuous and this is our path.


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