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Do not fear the unknown path. Explore all that is available. Take a few turns while on route to expand your experience. Sometimes we have to break new trails to grow, for life’s education is not always learned on the path most travelled.

You may be faced with a treacherous path and the route is so uneven that it is almost guaranteed that you will lose your footing. However, if you investigate, you may find a parallel path which is much more safe but leads to the same destination. Do not choose a dangerous route, but do not be afraid to venture off the beaten path either.

If you are willing to venture, you will gain knowledge that the masses cannot gain on their common road. If you know that your hesitation is a result of ego or if fear of the unknown is stopping you from taking your journey, listen to your heart. It knows the way.

We cannot grow from that which we already know or have experienced. Find your own personal path. You are unique so why would your journey not be unique also?

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