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There are times when it is appropriate to stand behind the scenes and carry out your important work. and then there are times to come out of our comfort zone to stand centre stage. We will sometimes be asked to take the leading role. We may adlibbed our role or we may study and rehearse extensively.

When we are taking centre stage, we are meant to be there. We are not speaking out of turn. We are merely taking the role that is needed at the time. Sometimes we need to voice ourselves in such a way that others are willing to listen.

Follow through on intuitive thoughts and visualizations that will instigate action that is required. These open expressions may not only open the doors of insight for us but they may also open the doors for others to insight that might not otherwise have been pursued. Our follow through, my at the very least, provide us with the reassurance that what we have to say is importance.

There are times to raise our voices to be heard even though we are not comfortable doing so.

With practice, we build confidence and become comfortable sharing the valuable information we have to communicate.

Rising above our lack of confidence and the worry of saying the wrong thing or sounding stupid are simple ego interferences. When we live in the moment and silence the mind, we allow ourselves to be propelled forward (eventually with confidence).

Each one of us has an important voice. We can share our knowledge and also respect the opinions of others at the same time.

Will this be your day to allow complete expression?

Will this be your day to release the shackles of suppression?

Will you allow yourself to rise above ego and push through ego’s negativity that persistently keeps you silent?

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