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Many people when they think of Astrology, they think only of the Sun Sign. There are many other components and variables within the birth chart and each of these will affect the characteristic or energies of the Sun sign or solar placement.

The Sun Sign’s energies reflect the inner personal qualities. The Moon’s energies govern our emotional needs expressed through its sign and house position. There are many other influences beyond even the Sun and the Moon that affect our character traits, the way we respond to life and how someone else would perceives us.

You may question why a person who has a Pisces Sun sign (Pisces being gentle, peaceful and amiable) can be intrusive, demanding, self centred and in general display aggressive behaviours. These latter characteristics are quite contrary to the characteristics of the typical Piscean Sun Sign. Why is this person so different and displays little of their Sun Sign’s character traits?

Perhaps this individual has a strong Aries placement in their chart, with the Ascendant in Aries and the Moon, Mars and Jupiter all in Aries or in the first house. These planets may be poorly aspected. This strong Arian influences will mask the soft and gentle Pisces demeanor, perhaps to an extreme, unless this individual has learned how to masterl these strong character traits and use them to their advantage.

We all have the potential, regardless of our birth chart, to make any challenging aspect work in our favour. This is the purpose of difficult aspects in our natal chart. We are not at the mercy of our birth chart. We are the orchestrator of our destiny and have all the tools available to us within our birth chart to activate any aspect and use it to its fullest positive potential.

Getting back to why this Pisces Sun individual displays such non-Piscean tendencies......We must look deep within the chart and examine all the aspects and variables within the horoscope to come up with a complete picture of the personal makeup of this individual. This is what makes each of us unique and one onto our selves. One Pisces Sun sign individual will be different from another Pisces Sun sign individual. However deep down inside, those qualities of Pisces are still strong even though not shown. The individual described above can utilize these strong Aries character traits and use these talents to enhance their Piscean nature, perhaps through spreading compassion and spirituality (through their own self-expression or through enterprise that aids others in self-realization). This individual would have a very strong drive and could express the Piscean nature though very worthwhile opportunities.

There are many avenues of expression and many techniques to release our inner potential. Through our spiritual evolution, we slowly unlock our natal potential. By going deep into the astrological chart, we can uncover our true potential and our purpose behind this incarnation. Astrology provides information and guidance into our life’s pursuit, but WE always make the decisions and must take the actions required.

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