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Much has been said about our faltering economy and the current turmoil with our stock markets around the world. There is little doubt that life will be altered significantly in some form or another after this storm passes.

What will our world look like and how will we rebound?

Many have been laid off and many closures. Shut downs seem to be the answer to ensuring safe distancing and to contain the spread of this invisible threat.

Some in power are suggesting that everyone return to work before we have won the battle. They say it can kick start the economy. Perhaps this is true but at what cost? In reality, we really do not know what impact will be experienced financially.

Are we willing to let those that are susceptible to this virus be exposed for the sake of money?

Perhaps we need to go beyond our own financial concerns and reach out with a helping hand for those that are struggling through care, support and love.

We can all lend a helping hand in some fashion or another. It is the time to make sacrifices for the greater good. Who wants to be the individual responsible for saying who should live and who should not?

In many ways, the control of this invisible threat is out of our hands and what unfolds over time will take place, with or without our consent. We do, however, have control over our actions that can affect the choice of putting human life ahead of money. We can make choices that benefit mankind. Our financial resources will eventually rebound and eventually our world financially will march on.

The interesting question is what will we learn from this experience?

We now realize how precious, yet fragile, life truly is. This threat does not care what colour our skin is, what we believe, how much we have in our bank account, what year we were born, what country we live in. We are all experiencing the same threat.

We are truly one people, all brothers and sisters. We are all here for a short time in the grand scheme of things and experiencing life through our own involvement and attitude. Finances are secondary to life itself. We can’t replace a life nor can money make up for a loss.

Sometimes life dictates and we just ride along its wave. Our attitude has a significant role in how life affects us at any time. Rise above the threat. Find your inner strength. Do your part and experience your life as it unfolds. Love one another and have faith in the ongoing process.

Remember to focus on healing and be safe.

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