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Fixed Modalities in Astrology

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the signs associated with the fixed modality. Earlier posts can also be read on our blog – Look at your Astrology chart to determine if you are emphasizing the fixed modality in your birth chart or if you are weak in this modality, simply by determining how many planets and important points (ascendant, midheaven) you have in your natal chart that are represented by this modality. You count the Sun and the Moon as two points each and the MC and Ascendant as 1 1/2 counts. The rest of the planets will count as one point. If you have seven or more contacts, you are considered to have an emphasis. If you have less than two, you are considered to be weak in this modality. There are other influences that will adjust this somewhat such as having many planets in the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses. This will enhance the strength of this modality and will weakness or soften the challenges somewhat.

Those with an emphasis in their birth chart will be very determined individuals, who are strong-willed and are unlikely to give up on their pursuits. They can be quite stubborn and often have difficulty listening to advice from others. They certainly seem to have a purpose which they will pursue relentlessly even in the face of adversity. They are often inflexible in their attitudes and you will have to prove your point as they often have such a strong belief structure that they can manage almost any situation without other’s approval or insight.

These individuals truly believe in themselves and this can work for them. It can also work against them as you can well imagine. Many of these individuals especially those with a lot of Scorpio in their charts come across as quite powerful and usually well focused on their goals. They will achieve their objectives once they make up their mind as to which route to take.

Those that are lacking in this modality often seem to have a very difficult time completing what they begin, similar to an unfocused Gemini. Because of this inability, they may realize this deficiency and push very hard in order to get some satisfaction out of their efforts, often taking on more than they can actually handle. They will have to work exceptionally hard to complete or conquer the assignment or objective. They are not well developed when it comes to focus and need to find stability in their life. Many are aware of this shortfall and they will test their will-power and push themselves to the limit to conquer this apparent lack. Some become obsessive with details and organization and are determined to finish what they set out to do, unlike an underdeveloped Gemini as they would just as well leave any project as soon as something new comes along that holds their interest.

Locating your strengths and vulnerabilities through shortages or emphases will be found within the modalities in your birth chart. These can help to define your character and what it is you should be working on or in contrast where your strengths lie. This is but one of the many facets in an Astrology chart that helps define you as an individual and shows your unique qualities.

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Earlier posts can also be read on our blog –


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