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Flexible Demeanor

How do you present yourself to the public?

Do you project confidence?

Perhaps you are a gentle individual who does not like strife or aggression. Perhaps, on the opposite side of the coin, you come across as aggressive or a force to be reckoned with or perhaps you are somewhere in between.

We are not always who we project ourselves to be. Sometimes the way we project ourselves to the world is nothing like who we are inside but how we think we should be.

There are times when the gentle, passive individual needs to be assertive to get things moving. There are times when the more assertive individual needs to soften their approach to be heard.

If you know that the time is ripe for advancement, you may have to use a more assertive demeanor, but this can be uncomfortable. However, if the time has come and your more aggressive interaction has only alienated you or put things on hold, it might be time to step back and let someone else take a leading role or pursue a more gentle approach.

Sometimes we must make a shift to our demeanor and project ourselves in a more appropriate manner, whatever that manner may be. This may go against your normal approach but be flexible and shift when needed.

Read the situation, know your audience and be flexible with your demeanor.

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Read the situation, know your audience and be flexible with your demeanor.
Flexible Demeanor


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