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Many of us believe and understand that our thought pattern, belief structure and expectations slowly create our world. We recognize that our focus amplifies and what we focus on is all that we see.

Whether we acknowledge this or not, we are acting as a magnifying glass on whatever is in our focus. Is it not important then to acknowledge all that we have in life?

What is the good of knowing something and recognizing it as truth if we do not practice recognizing our focus. Our teachings have taken us this far and through practice we can reinforce what we know.

What an honor to know and understand the intimate workings of the universe. We can spread this understanding to those willing to listen.

It is our duty to ourselves to move beyond knowing something and practice using the tools at hand.

It takes time to believe in our own manifesting. We can practice in our day-to-day routine. It is up to us to recognize what we focus on and how long we choose to remain focused on any one given thing. Life provides many avenues of expression and we learn from these. It is best not to categorize anything as good or bad, as EVERYTHING contains a valuable lesson if we choose to utilize it. Look at each event in life as a life experience.

As life unfolds things do not always turn out the way we thought they would. Accept the path laid out before you as you walk it. When there is a fork in the road, use your forethought and review which path you wish to take. No matter how the path may reveal itself it will be part of the process of gaining experience and knowledge which over time enlightens us and pushes us ahead. The destination will be the same on either route. It is a journey that may differ.

Focus helps you see more, and your focus will eventually bring you an abundance of whatever you focus on.

What will you focus on?

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