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Countless individuals either have psychic and/or medium abilities or our intent on developing this potential.

Most of you who are already on the path of enlightenment and share the gift of psychic and medium abilities carry out significant work individually, but if we act in unison and join hands with this pursuit imagine the strength and impact we could have motivating the human race as a whole.

If we work singularly with our guides, we have profound effects on those we encounter. If we understand, and most of us do, the significance of working as a group and the impact we can have as a collective whole, our gifts will have far reaching affects, beyond our wildest dreams.

As you enter into your collective state with your guides, state your appeal for the assistance from others in your chosen work or focus. This will have a more overall influence on others and at the very least be of assistance for those with their life lessons. By joining forces (on a large scale) and asking for assistance from those with similar abilities, source-centred individuals, we will have a much stronger impact, not only on the individuals we meet, but also in the overall movement on a grand scale--helping to move the whole world together towards peace and unity.

By joining hands with many, we impact the overall evolution of everyone regardless of distance. The work we do has a ripple effect, but joining hands can bring a tidal wave of significant changes.

There is little doubt that we currently need a shift.

For those who are beginning this journey of enlightenment, allow the forces of light to guide you and to assist in your overall spiritual growth. We have come here for a purpose and this can be captured in one word, love. By allowing love and compassion for each and every person we encounter (evolved or not) and working as a group, we can move mountains.

Unified with our source and our guides, we will move forward with great strength and purpose which serves to strengthen the resolve in our collective consciousness.

By living within today, within this very moment and placing our effort in a united conscious state, we remove limitations and create an evolution for the greater whole.

We are an integral part of the greater whole, without exception. We are worthy. We are one.

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