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We continue our forecast for Sun in Libra from our post on September 25, 2017.



Mars moves slower than Venus (Venus discussed in Part I) and will be in effect from October 23 to December 10, 2017. It will move through the sign of Libra (and further) which will affect all those with their Sun in Libra with this conjunction.

The energy of Mars is quite different from the energies of Venus and what might have been a casual beginning in a relationship that started during the Venus cycle can move into the next phase as Mars and its energy takes over. The relationship can become much more sexual and the energies much more vital and enthusiastic. It will be important to recognize that the energies of Mars can be quite explosive and at times volatile as well.

Often there is ego intrusion when Mars is involved and it is important to handle these energies constructively. There is no benefit to arguing to prove you are right. It is far more productive to agree to disagree and take a more friendly approach in life. At times, however, you may feel that you need to express yourself in a more vigorous manner and even defend your rights. Remember Libra is about justice, but peaceful resolutions are always suggested. Under any condition, an agreeable solution can be found.

You may feel very confident about what you are saying under the energies of Mars, and you may be right and on target with what you believe you should stand up for. Remember, however, other people also have the right to have their say. We can create problems if we feel our opinion is the only one worth listening to.

The Sun’s energies sometimes speak of superiors. Its energies can also speak of the father or an aggressive, young male. Be sure you are not creating issues with such people. Again, being right is not always the most important situation in life. Usually, the need to be right is ego based.

During this aspect, it will be a good time to pursue your goals in life, as you will have plenty of energy to promote your ideas. It is also a favourable time for promotion and getting recognition for your efforts. Do not be boisterous about your achievements. Once again watch for ego domination. It is certainly alright to be proud of your accomplishments or ideas that you want to bring to the forefront and to promote these to your superiors. Some with this aspect will get recognition at this time and even see promotions or advancement in their pay and duties, especially if the MC or Saturn is also involved.

There is a lot of energy attached to this conjunction between Mars and the Sun. The conjunction represents the molding of these energies and can enhance them. Mars, as mentioned, can be quite volatile and although this is often not the unquestionable rule, it is wise to operate machinery with care and also to drive carefully during this conjunction. Rushing is not advised, as accidents have been known to happen with these extreme energies. This is not to say that you are accident prone but take your time and relax as much as you can.

DO NOT read this and start worrying over this conjunction. There would have to be other mitigating factors at work in your chart repeating the same potentials for the less desirable energies of this aspect to be worrisome. We simply give a warning so that everyone can be vigilant to reduce risks.

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